Annual Subscriptions

    • Over 18: £15
    • Under 18 (& Full-time Over 18 Students): £5

    Please call our Membership Secretary, Liz Ness on 01483 225720 for more information.

    Subscriptions may be paid by Standing Order, which will be arranged with the individual.

    If you are successfully cast in a show, you will be asked to pay a £5 performance fee to cover costs.

    Members receive updates on society news and activities, including upcoming productions, auditions, and social gatherings through the ‘Interact’ newsletter.



    Don’t hide it away, join us and use it in one or more of the following areas:

    Stage Management and Backstage Assistants

    Sets have to be designed, are you artistic? Scenery constructed, then erected on stage, painted and de-rigged after the show. Special effects need to be created and operated. All this falls to the Stage Management team. If you feel you would like to work as part of a team but have little experience, fear not, as no particular talent is necessary. All the activities are carried out by a friendly team with many talents, so full instruction will always be on hand and freely given. Our sets are often constructed over a period of two weeks prior to each show. Occasionally larger prop items are built outside of this time frame.

    Lighting and Sound

    Do you know the difference between a capacitor or your woofer? If you have any knowledge or experience of electricity, particularly in respect of lighting or sound and would like to gain experience in application for the stage, we need you. We have a team of experienced technicians who are always willing to encourage enthusiastic people wishing to learn and work in these areas.


    Do you have an interest in the historical aspect of costumes or maybe modern fashion? Do your skills lie in design or dressmaking? We are always looking for people with your talents as every production, set in any era, requires costumes of some description. Knowing how to make clothes is an enviable talent that should be shared with a wide audience.

    Directors and Production Assistants

    Have you ever been to the theatre and thought “It would have been better if......” Well join us and take the opportunity to direct a play, putting your own interpretation on the script. Or take the opportunity to work alongside an experienced director and learn the ropes. Someone possessing the vision, imagination and enthusiasm to bring a play to life has the most important function within a drama group. However, alongside the director, we need a person with excellent organisational skills, bringing together all the elements needed to produce a successful production. We have several experienced directors and producers who will be delighted to encourage and bring on new and enthusiastic talent.



    Many productions need stage properties to add reality or effect. Alongside the director the props assistants need to visualise the play and put this to effect through the scouring of likely sources, (charity shops, theatrical outlets, friends, family and local shops). This is fun so why not give it a go.

    Front of House

    Every production needs an audience, and they need to be looked after and cosseted. We need a team to attend to their every whim and desire! This is why we need people to run the Box Office, sell programmes, show people to their seats, ply the audience with drinks from the bar and serve delicious tea or coffee. The only prerequisite for Front of House is to have a smile on our face and a welcoming hand. This is a very important element of a production, we cannot put on a show without this back-up and everyone can have a go.

    Actors and Actresses

    Last but not least a variety of roles for all ages – from principals, support, walk-ons and the occasional dead body! Talents such as dancing and singing are a bonus, the ability to try accents and project a good voice, are always welcome, but above all the willingness to have a go and take direction is all that is needed. Don’t be shy, come and have a go. Lookout for our audition dates.