by Sandy Taylor - Running time 40-45 mins

Gilly's Gem is a comedy set, in a block of flats in London. Millie & Peggy, both live-in cleaners, are best friends and rely on each other for support when dealing with their lady bosses.

Millie's boss is a kind and wealthy woman who is very fond of Gilly even though she knows that Millie and Peggy help themselves to the gin when she's away, that her cleaning leaves much to be desired, and that her cooking is awful! Millie is very protective of her lovely, rather naive boss.

The fun starts when Gilly introduces Millie to her new prospective boyfriend, Toby, who she says, is an antique dealer, and wants her to invest some money in his business.....except that he's not. Millie immediately recognises him as Frank, a bloke who runs a stall in Petticoat Lane. Millie calls her friend Peggy to help her expose Toby without hurting Gilly's, feelings with hilarious results. A feel-good comedy and a firm favourite with audiences.


Millie - Gilly's live-in cleaner

Peggy - a cleaning lady from the downstairs flat.

Gilly - a wealthy well travelled woman.

Anna - Gilly's sister

Toby -  a personable "American" cum cockney entrepreneur

Director's notes - this very funny and well written play provides excellent comedy roles for each part!


by Alan Richardson - Running time 45 mins

Charlie Brown's day in hospital begins very well. His devoted wife is by his bedside; a scene of conjugal bliss, that is until another female visitor arrives. When she reveals that she also is Mrs Brown, Charlie has some explaining to do.  As his previously secret life is hilariously disentangled, a third female visitor arrives, also claiming to be Mrs Brown. You'd think Charlie's day couldn't get much worse.....but it does!


Charlie Brown - a rather ordinary and unassuming man. The pyjamas he is wearing are equally dull & plain. ( He is something of a "Walter Mitty" character with a penchant for Humphrey Bogart films!)

Samantha - A video vivacious and amiable nurse, she wasn't exactly top of the class at Nursing College, but her heart's in the right place. 

Joanna - (The first Mrs Brown we meet) Joanne epitomise the sensible and functional dresser - heavy glasses, flat shoes, hair tied back. She runs Charlie's business in a brisk & efficient manner. (A sweet woman though rather put upon in life)

Evelyn - (The second  Mrs Brown to appear) Evelyn thinks she's the last word in sophisticated elegance ( think Hyacinth Bouquet!). She lives in a gated residence, complete with fitted Axminster carpet. (Says it all really.)

Melissa - (The third Mrs Brown to appear) Melissa doesn't know the meaning of the word subtle! She is is flamboyant in dress & attitude. Vividly made-up, with red or blonde wig.  (A very "knowing lady!")


Wednesday August 22nd at 8pm prompt start.

Director: Sue Wall

For further details please contact Sue.

Performances on 22nd-24th November.

Claygate Dramatic Society welcomes all newcomers, whatever your age or skills, both on acting/backstage props/prompt/stage hands/front of house.